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Ich liebe den Tanz, die Bewegung und die Verschmelzung mit der Musik.

Ich liebe es mich selbst zu vergessen und nur noch im Fühlen anzukommen.

Diese Leidenschaft hat mich niemals ein

völlig normales Leben leben lassen.

Früher verstand ich nicht, heute bin

ich unendlich dankbar.

Ich begriff,

dass alles Teil einer großen Reise sein würde. Eine Reise voller Zauber,

Wunder und Magie.

(English - down below)

"……….Alles bewegt sich. Und alles bewegt sich in einem Rhythmus.

Und alles, was sich in einem Rhythmus bewegt, ruft einen Klang hervor.

Das geschieht in diesem Augenblick hier und überall sonst auf der Welt.

Unsere Vorfahren haben das auch bemerkt, schon damals, als sie in Höhlen lebten, um sich vor den Unbilden der Witterung zu schützen.

- Die Dinge bewegen sich und machen Geräusche. -

Für die ersten Menschen war diese Erkenntnis anfangs mit Staunen,

später mit Verehrung verbunden: Sie begriffen,

dass ein höheres Wesen auf diese Weise mit ihnen kommunizierte.

Sie ahmten die Geräusche und Bewegungen, die sie umgaben, nach,

in der Hoffnung, auch mit diesem Wesen zu kommunizieren:

Der Tanz und die Musik waren geboren…….."

Paolo Coelho - Die Hexe von Portobello


I love dancing, moving and being one with the music.

I love to lose my mind and find myself in the pure feeling.

This passion never let me live an ordinary life.

Back then I didn´t understand, today I am endless grateful.

I understood that everything would be part of a huge jouney.

A journey full of wonder and magic.


Thank you for checking out my site

Here some information, that you can get to know me better

I am a german girl with some polish roots. I grown up mostly in

the southern of Germany. A lovely village in a place called "Odenwald".

Most of you don´t know this place and the other one´s probably have a

smile right now. It is actually a place full of old myths and legends and

the place where the "Nibelung Legend" took place.

This really adorable area is the reason and the beginning of my journey.

It all begun, when I saw this girl hula hooping at this party and

all I could do is watching her. Is started for fun.

Maybe ´cause a friend of mine just said to me "you should do that!".

Actually... that´s it. I practiced almost every day.

But everything got more serious two years later after

I finished my exam in nursing school. 

I lived in two worlds. This really tough working life of a Nurse in Germany.

Coming home, being tired and absolutely underpaid and

the life of a Hula Hooping girl, who would love to travel the world.

So after my exam, I safed some money and quit my job to travel in India.

For the first time of my life, I lived the life I wannted to live.

I mean kind of. But I travelled with my hoop. I practiced,

performed and played, whenever I could.

Back In Germany, back in an new working place, I was back in my double life.

Being an Nurse in a mental hospital and the crazy German Hoopgirl trying to

figure out, what the hell life is trying to tell me. 

I spend lots of weekends and holidays on juggling conventions,

mostly in Germany, but also in France and Australia.

I started fire hooping and fire spinning. I started performing at the beaches of

La Gomera, on the streets of Melbourne and where I was with my hula hoop.

For the first time of my life, I earned money with something I love to do and

damn it felt so good!

After spending a year in Australia, I am back in Germany and live in

Freiburg i. Br.
I started performing in clubs, bars, parties and festivals and

a collaboration with Ohrklang Event

But YES, I am happy to do a performance for your birthday party, wedding,

and actually any events you could imaginge the girl with the hula hoop. 

I got some beautiful LED Hoops and I do the Multihoop thing,

which look fascinating in the dark. I am also happy to perform for you on fire.

With my fire poi, fire fans and fire hula hoops.


Also I am happy to tell, that I love to share Hoop Love everywhere.

As soon as possible, I am going to start with some classes and workshops in Freiburg. But I am happy to travel and visit you at your event to perform and share hoop love. Contact me and we will figure it out.


I really love video and photography projects. If you like to work with me,

please contact me, as I love collaborating on projects.

Contact me or come and check me out, when I perform somewhere near you.


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